About FunghiClear™ Anti-Fungal Spray

With 1 in 4 adults in Europe suffering from fungal infections of toenails or feet, FunghiClear™ Anti-Fungal Spray provides a proven natural solution to combat and prevent these infections. Whether you are wearing formal shoes, exercise gear, or flipflops, healthy nails and feet are always important. Fungal infections are a problem that is often neglected and may lead to serious physical and/or mental health issues if left untreated.


Recommended by professionals

Through a unique formulation of natural active ingredients FunghiClear™ provides a safe and effective solution1 to combat common and persistent (toenail) fungal infections. Listed as a medical device under EU regulation, FunghiClear™ is safe to use and highly effective. Recent studies1 have shown that over 80% of users reported a (significant) improvement in the condition of the toenail appearance. This is the reason why care professionals, such as medical pedicures, podiatrists and pedologists in the Netherlands and other international markets have been recommending FunghiClear™.

100% natural active ingredients

FunghiClearTM Anti-Fungal Spray is the natural alternative to the many synthetic fungicides currently commercially available.
The natural active ingredients make it unattractive for fungi to strive, and help to improve or stabilize the health and comfort of your feet throughout the year.

Manuka-oil, an essential ingredient with well-documented anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties.

Basil-oil is known for its anti-septic, immune supportive, and anti-fungal characteristics. In addition it helps to transport the Manuka-oil.

Menta Piperita-oil has a cooling and soothing. Therefore, it helps to prevent itching and irritated skin.

Lavender-oil has been added to give our product a pleasant smell, which makes it easier to use twice a day for several months. It is also known for its skin improving qualities.

The healing properties of Manuka from New Zealand

The basis of many of our products is Manuka-oil, a powerful ingredient with anti-fungal, anti- bacterial and anti-viral properties that have been well-documented by science. The use of Manuka-oil for medical purposes has been long known to the Maori, the indigenous people of New Zealand, and our anti-fungal spray bases its effectiveness on the oil’s ability to combat and prevent fungal infections.

Clever design

  1. Up-side down spray mechanism: easy to apply, important if you can’t reach your feet easily.
  2. The spray can be applied on your toenails, feet and the inside of your shoes.
  3. Pleasant smell and friendly flacon makes you comfortable to carry FunghiClear with you anywhere. Keep a flacon in your briefcase, your gym bag or at home to combat an infection or prevent (re)infection.

Dry your feet

2x a day

2x a week in shoes

Use for 3-4 months

Use only on feet and toenails

Out of reach of children

How to use FunghiClear™ Anti-Fungal Spray?

Using FunghiClear™ to combat an infection: spray twice a day on infected toenails and / or skin of the feet, preferably in the morning and the evening. For optimal effect it is important to maintain this daily routine for at least three months.

Using FunghiClear™ to prevent an infection: spray FunghiClear™ on the dried feet (especially on the toenails and in between the toes). The shoes can also be treated preventively on the inside with FunghiClear™.

Always read the full product insert before using our products.

Testimonials from our customers

It really helps, but you have to be patient. After a week or 4 you notice the effect. More effect than I have ever had with other products. So really hold on!

After using FunghiClear™ for a few months, I walked on sandals again without nail polish on my toes for the first time in years! Almost all the fungal nails have disappeared. Moreover, the spray is very easy to use.