About FunghiClearTM natural solutions

Success is to become regarded as the natural solutions for persistent health issues.


In the United Kingdom SNR Healthcare Limited is the exclusive distributor.

Features of FunghiClearTM Products:

Recommended by professionals

Care professionals only recommend products when they are comfortable that these product are safe and effective. Our products are always scientifically tested and evaluated. By supporting our care professionals with relevant science, literature, clinical results and product training, they recommend our product out of conviction and experience.

Natural active ingredients

FunghiClearTM products are made with only natural active ingredients.

These have been carefully selected for their specific and proven qualities. We only source these ingredients from preferred suppliers with the highest quality standards, to ensure safety, consistency and efficacy of our products. Our Manuka-oil, for instance, comes from a selected part of the northern island of New Zealand.

Clever design

Our products are always developed with functionality in mind. Convenience and ease of use are important, especially if the treatment protocol requires consistent use for many months. For those who are a bit older and find it more difficult to reach their feet, we created an ‘upside-down spray’. For those who are young and find it embarrassing to carry a deodorant and anti-fungal spray to the gym, we created a user friendly packaging and ensured the product has a pleasant smell.