Get Into The Summer Holiday Vibe By Using FunghiClear For Fungal Free Nails!

Toe nail fungus can be a serious issue if not taken care of. It’s a miserable aliment it looks unsightly and can be a tad smelly too, but don’t worry we are here to help and this article will show you how you can overcome a fungal nail on your toes or your hands.

What is Toe Nail Fungus?

A fungal nail infection is medically known as onychomycosis.  It is more common in toenails than fingernails. It’s a fungus that eventually makes its way into the cuts or the nail of the skin and takes hold and starts to spread slowly.  

If this occurs, the chances are that the toe nail color may change to a yellow greeny earthy colour and the nail takes on a thick brittle appearance, and is more likely to crack and break as  it becomes brittle.

What are the chances that you do have a Fungal Nail?

We use the word athletes foot to describe a fungus treatment but its not confined to sports people rather everyone can develop a fungal nail. Fungus is quite simply in the air, its all around us it’s a natural element. Did you know 1 in 4 people have a fungal toenail in Europe?  Why people get a fungal nail is a mystery.


Here is a few questions to ask if you have a fungal nail:

  • Is your nail different, has it thickened?
  • Does there appear to be a whitish, yellow or earthy discoloration on you nail?
  • Is the nail brittle and has a distorted shape?
  • Is there debris buildup under the nail?
  • Is your foot smelly?

There is a Fungal Nail Treatment that combats fungus.

You’ll be pleased to hear that FunghiClear is a product you spray on your nails to eliminate fungus. It is recommended by professionals across the globe and currently brags the no1 position in Europe as the market leader in catering to fungal nails with its all-natural and additive-free formula.

How long will I have a fungal nail?

This is certainly a task that requires a degree of patience at your end. It takes a fair bit of time for the fungus to appear on your nails, and once it does and without treatment it wont budge.

FunghiClear will eliminate it with ease. However, you do need to be regular in its application and take the necessary steps as recommended in the instructions to keep any reinfection at bay. This is the battle, re-infecting yourself. Click here for a PDF to show you how our in-house Foot Care Practitioner recommends you use FunghiClear for maximum effectiveness.

What makes the FunghiClear Fungal Nail Treatment special and unique?

Our Fungal Nail Treatment gets rid of toe nail fungus without exposing your skin and internal organs to any harsh chemicals. Made with the Manuka plant, it works well for people on medications, especially when it comes to Diabetic patients. Hence no fear of risking your health or having to avoid medicines when you have FunghiClear in the bathroom.

How to apply FunghiClear to the infected area.

Because it is in a handy spray bottle, a major benefit is just that you spray and go. You do not have to rub it in for the nail to absorb, or paint it on like other formulas.

The spray certainly benefits people with bad backs who can't bend down easily.

The application is quite simple:

  • You have to spray the area twice a day, ideally in a routine after you have finished taking a shower and your skin is clean.

How Can You Avoid Getting A Reinfection?

Toe nail fungus You need to implement a routine and stick to it religiously. It’s the reinfection that is the tricky part in your nail recovery.

We believe you should change your slippers after a couple of years to avoid reinfecting your toes, but really change your slippers today and start with a fresh canvas.   

Another way to bypass getting reinfected is by ensuring that your shoes and especially boots are dry from foot sweat and stored in a cool, dry, and airy place. Men are more prone to fungal foot because women usually ave more shoes and rotate their foot wear more frequently. Workmen can wear the same boots for years, and if they leave them in a locker over night without fully drying its difficult to stop reinfection. Additionally, wear clean socks every day and change them when you get home after your day out.  Open shoes are best to help fight fungal nail when you are at home. Together and using FunghiClear will make all the difference to your feet.

FunghiClear spray works, but for it to do the job and rid you of your toe nail fungus, you have to play your part and change those slipper, socks, rotate your shoes, and always spray twice a day until the fungal nail has gone for good.

A fungal toenail can take time to vanish completely, it took a while to get there and it will take a while to grow out, but FunghiClear makes the going easier by acting as an invaluable Fungal Nail Treatment remedy if you give it a chance!






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