FunghiClear Anti-Fungal Nail Treatment Spray

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A natural solution for toenail fungus and athletes' feet. Eradicate discolored brittle fungal nails with a treatment made from Manuka oil that comes in a handy spray.
This is a natural treatment to remove fungus from your toes.
  • Simply, spray twice a day to kill a fungal nail or athlete's foot. 
  • FunghiClear is all-natural 
  • None toxic  - no nasty chemicals
  • Can be used alongside other medications
  • Prevents further infections
  • Free delivery
  • Diabetic safe 

You have no need to bend down as the spray bottle is designed to point and spray every day.   Most other treatments contain chemicals that can be harmful to your body, but not FunghiClear it's all-natural. 

Did you know 1 in 4 adults in Europe suffers from fungal infections of toenails or feet?

FunghiClear Anti-Fungal Spray also prevents further infections and is approved by the European Regulatory Authority (ERA) for sale in Europe and U.K.



Customer Reviews

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Anti-Fungal Spray

I have been using this product on my big toenail everyday since August 2022 as prescribed by my choropdist, and I have seen no improvement in terms of nail growth but continues to thicken. The only positive comments I can make about this product are that it smells nice and it has been easy to use.

Lee Davison
Fantastic product

From the first week I can see improvements in my nails.

John Cracknell
Funghi clear

Seems to be doing the trick

Too early to review

Bought this only two weeks ago and so haven’t seen the benefits yet

David Barratt
Starting seeing a difference in 2 weeks after years of a having a fungal nail

My daughter gave me a bottle to try and it started working straight away. It smells good, it's easy to use each day, I like it. Will buy again.