FunghiClear natural solution footcare range

We are based in North Wales.

We are a small natural remedy company based in the foothills of Snowdonia in a small village called Llanrwst. We supply anti fungal treatments to Footcare Professionals throughout UK and we also sell direct to customer online.

What is FunghiClear™ Anti-Fungal Spray? 

FunghiClear Anti-Fungal Spray is an anti-fungal footcare spray with unique natural characteristics not seen in foot remedies before. Originally developed for diabetes sufferers who were unable to use harsh fungal solutions due to the chemical makeup interfering with medication.  Our treatment came from nature, we looked at what plant life has anti-fungal properties and this is how we discovered the Manuka plant in New Zealand.

Spraying on the skin not only helped the skins condition, but with regular use the formula prevented the fungal infection becoming worse on the toenail, and athlete’s foot, was removed. This is how FunghiClear was born. It is now enjoyed worldwide. 

Toenail fungal infection

Fungal infections of the toenail are notoriously hard to clear. However, FunghiClear blend of natural active ingredients in a liquid spray format can penetrate areas other treatments cannot reach. FunghiClear is a safe, natural and effective solution for toenail fungal infections.

... the natural element of FunghiClear is very helpful. My clients can be on other medication and FunghiClear is chemical free, and it smells great too. Foot Health Care Practitioner Dani Wines 

What is FunghiClear™ DeoSpray?

FunghiClear™ DeoSpray is a specially formulated deodorant spray to prevent foot odour by utilising Manuka oil to reduce bacterial and fungal breakdown on the foot and in the shoe. In addition, the lemongrass oil helps give a fresh feeling on the foot and a pleasant smell in the shoe.

FunghiClear™ DeoSpray should be used regularly on the feet and inside the shoes to reduce and prevent unpleasant foot odours.

The healing properties of Manuka from New Zealand

The basis of many of our products is Manuka-oil, a powerful ingredient with anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties that have been well-documented by science. The use of Manuka-oil for medical purposes has been long known to the Maori, the indigenous people of New Zealand, and our anti-fungal spray bases its effectiveness on the oil’s ability to combat and prevent fungal infections.

The Maori way of medicine is called Rongoā, which focuses on physical and spiritual healing through traditional uses of plants and herbs. Today modern science continues to discover the benefits of Manuka-oil and other essential oils. Our clinical trials confirm the safety and efficacy of the uses of Manuka-oil in our innovative product portfolio. We only use Manuka-oil of the highest quality containing at least 20% of triketones.